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  • Language: English
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  • Latest Version: beta 1v1
  • Latest Date: 31/10/1996
  • Size: 668MB
  • Developer: Westwood Studios

Command and Conquer Red Alert

Command and Conquer Red Alert is a real-time strategy War

Command and Conquer Red Alert features two groups at war: Allies vs the Russians from the Soviet union.

Set in the 50´s, fight by land, air or sea. Its your job to build structures, Military Units and get rid of your opponent.

Albert Einstein, one of the allies, has made a machine to travel in time called Cronoesfera. In an attempt to avoid World War II, Einstein travels from New México to Germany and kills Hitler. Thanks to this, the Russians outnumbers the allies, in terms of men and weapons, and turns against them causing yet another war.

In Command and Conquer Red Alert, each team has their own strengths, weaknesses and a different way of fighting it out on the battlefield:

Fight for the Soviet Union and use multiple tanks, helicopters,submarines, YAK airplanes and jets.

Select from a wide variety of weapons: machine guns, missile system and bombs; or join the allies with their powerful bazzokas, Sherman tanks, C4 explosives, and choose to combat in gunboats, destroyers or ocean cruisers.

Choose the strength of the Soviet Union or the strategies of the Allies. Improve your skills and victory is yours in Command and Conquer Red Alert.

Command and Conquer Red Alert Features

• Improved interface

• New game units and structures

• Improved artificial intelligence

Download this fun and dynamic RTS game!

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  • Improved interface
  • New Game Units and Structures
  • Improved artificial intelligence
  • Difficulties with Online Player search
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